BBQ ShrimpAt any of Shula’s Restaurants, whether it’s the original Shula’s Steak House, or the more casual Shula Burger, you’ll find world class cuisine made with top quality ingredients alongside a carefully selected beverage list. From handcrafted cocktails and craft beers to our award-winning wine list, our Shula’s team members love suggesting the perfect beverage to complement your chosen dish.

Choosing a wine to compliment a meal is more than just following the standard do’s and don’ts of pairing. Wine has the potential to further enhance food, just as food has the potential to bring out the best in any good glass of wine. It’s time to explore three of our most popular menu items, ideal pairings for each, and what you can expect from the combinations.

Complement Seafood Dishes with Sparkling Wine

Shula’s is famous for our renowned Shula Cut® Steaks, but our menus are also full of fresh top-quality seafood!  Fresh seafood paired with a great wine is refreshing and delicious!

White wine is the ideal pairing for seafood, and even sparkling wines and Champagne can bring depth to a delicious meal. While a glass of Moet is great for special occasions, even a non-vintage sparkling Italian wine can be a great match for seafoodwork well. Mionetto Prosecco works well with dishes like our Shellfish Trio, Blackened Sea Scallops, and Pan Seared Sea Scallops. Mionetto Prosecco has a fruity bouquet and hints of apple in the finish. It’s both dry and refreshing, which is perfect for seafood meals.

Castello Banfi Pinot Grigio from Tuscany is another great pairing for seafood, and is the perfect alternative if you’re not a fan of champagne or sparkling wine.

When a Casual Burger Becomes Something Special

Shula BurgerThe traditional American burger is a classic, and at Shula Burger we have taken our knowledge and love of beef to create an incredibly flavorful burger. Our proprietary blend of fresh, never frozen premium black angus chuck, brisket and short rib adds flavor and complexity to this American classic. And while there is nothing better than a burger and a craft beer, the right glass of wine could provide something unexpected!

Shula’s French Onion Burger is a unique combination of caramelized onions, double gruyere cheese, garlic mayo and crushed garlic croutons. This combination of flavors go far beyond what you would find at your average burger joint. The most common pairing for a burger with as much flavor as the French Onion Burger, or any of Shula’s Burgers, is a red. Merlot would be the perfect red variety, and won’t clash with the rich savory flavor of a good burger. But don’t rule out white wine!

Sauvignon Blanc is another great option, as the crisp taste can simultaneously enhance the flavors of a good burger, while continually refreshing your palate.

Steak and Wine – Fine Dining at its Best

Shula Cut Filet MignonThere’s nothing quite like a top quality cut of steak that has been aged to perfection, expertly seasoned and seared. A quality steak can be the star of the meal, and pairing a great wine can only add to the experience!

Our Shula Cut® Steaks are our something special and we challenge diners to find a better steak! Less than 1% of beef sold in America qualifies for a Shula Cut®. We exclusively use Premium Black Angus beef, hand-selected based on 10 science -based specifications, aged for an average of 28 days, cutt to our industry-leading specifications using only the most desired center cuts,  lightly seasoned  to perfection and grilled over an open flame to caramelize the beef and seal in the natural juices. Whether it’s the Filet Mignon, or a New York Strip, or our special bone-in filet, you won’t taste a steak better than a Shula Cut®!

Whether you choose to have your steak topped with specialties like blue cheese, peppercorn sauce, Oscar style or dip it in our house made béarnaise…, or if you are a purist and want all the flavor of the beef to shine through, the right wine will further amplify the rich flavors. Red wine is without question the ultimate pairing for steak of any kind. We recommend a big red such as a Cabernet Sauvignon or even a fruit forwarda Pinot Noir, for the richness of its flavor. At Shula’s Restaurants you’ll find a number of options, including Erath Pinot Noir from Oregon, and the Meiomi Pinot Noir from Sonoma in California.

Merlot is another potential option, particularly if you’re enjoying steak with a rich, buttery sauce. Red blends can also work wonderfully with steak, especially if you’ve chosen a sweet or spicy sauce.

Whatever you love to eat and drink, Shula’s Naples is the best places to dine with friends, family, and colleagues. From the upscale casual atmosphere of our lounge, to the fine dining atmosphere of our main dining room, you’ll enjoy world class service and menu choices with sommelier selected wines from around the globe. Make your reservations today, visit