Steaks(3)The holidays are a time when the traditions of food and family take center stage.  At Shula’s Steak House Naples, we also know that there’s a certain point when the custom center cut Premium Black Angus Beef selections that we offer can be a welcome and savory escape from the leftovers of seasonal feasts.

The SHULA CUT® always takes the spotlight with a history and selection process that is perfectly discriminating.   The Graham Angus Farm in Albany, GA assisted with setting the foundation for Shula’s Steak Houses and is recognized as one of the top Angus farms in the country for producing the best beef in the world.  True steak lovers know, Angus beef tastes better and is the most tender of all cattle breeds.

Shula’s takes that quality one step further with the SHULA CUT®, which sits on top of the beef quality pyramid by taking only the most desired custom center cuts of the Premium Black Angus Beef brand.  In fact, The SHULA CUT® standards are more discriminating and selective than even the USDA prime or choice allowing only 1% of cuts to make the SHULA CUT®.

We have it down to a science and that’s why when you visit Shula’s Steak House Naples you get the best steak for your money and the best steak house experience in the area.

If you’re a true beef lover then you probably love the details of how we select our cuts.  To honor the SHULA CUT® and the true beef lovers of America, Shula’s Steak House formed the 48 oz Club in 1989.  The induction into this steak lovers club consists of finishing 48 ounces of the best beef money can buy.  Visit us today and give it your best shot.