WEB Salmon2

Shula’s Steak House Naples at the Hilton has already proven to be superior with our award winning cuts of premium Black Angus beef; one must remember we offer custom center cuts of the freshest seafood and shellfish in town.  Delivered fresh daily our selection of salmon, mahi  or scallops are a perfect option for those who are looking for an alternative to red meat.  Pan seared, blackened, poached, francaise, or gilled are your options of preparation and are sure to fill your appetite!

If I had to choose the Blackened Salmon is full of flavor and quite filling at its 10oz portion size. It is accompanied by a rich lemon butter buerre blanc that enhances the full flavor of the tender fish.

To prepare this item we start off by getting a cast iron pan extremely hot. Take the Salmon and brush it with butter and paprika then coat the Salmon with Shula’s blackening seasoning or the blackening seasoning of your choice. Place the Salmon seasoned side down directly in the cast iron pan.  The paprika butter will provide the moisture you need and the fish will develop an even crust. Let sear for approximately two minutes and flip over for remaining two minutes. Salmon is a thick filet and requires a few extra minutes cook time and can be enjoyed rare to well done.  Enjoy!